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     I've hired house cleaners a few times over the years to take care of specific jobs, and I have to say that those from CanonburyCarpetCleaners were by far the best I've ever had.
G. Tobin19/05/2020
     I have used many cleaning services, and I must say that Canonbury Carpet Cleaner is by far the best. I wouldn't dream of using any other cleaning company.
Val W.19/09/2019
     Went to Canonbury Carpet Cleaner and got them to help me with end of lease cleaning. They were fantastic and did an amazing job! The cleaners were very diligent! The prices were also great! Thank you for the amazing help!
Michelle Simmons07/12/2016
     I had a lot of dirt that needed cleaning at home and I thought the cost of getting the situation rectified would end up costing me an arm and a leg. When I booked with CanonburyCarpetCleaners none of the vast amount of work seemed to faze them. They cleaned up the mess in no time and were absolutely brilliant from start to finish.
     It was getting to the point where I didn't want to go into my bathroom. I was ashamed of the state I'd let it get into but I knew I had to hire some help. Canonbury Carpet Cleaning Services were who I called for my bathroom cleaning and I'm glad I did. Their cleaners worked thoroughly and got the job done quickly. Everything was washed and wiped, leaving me with a spotless bathroom. The cleaners were pleasant despite the mess and did the job better than I ever could. I'll try to keep my bathroom clean now but I'm happy knowing they are there to help.
G. Nathan27/05/2015
     Thanks a lot for the wonderful service you provided at my place! Work had been so hectic that I had absolutely no time to clean our place before my in-laws arrived, but thanks to CanonburyCarpetCleaners I came back to an amazingly clean living space. Truth be told, I was a bit apprehensive about whether they would do a good job, but I found that they even dusted the top of the kitchen cupboards and cleaned in between the grills! I am definitely going to use them regularly now!
     The problem with seasonal cleaning is that a lot piles up between the seasons. In a few short months an unbelievable amount of clutter and junk can accumulate, and that doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of all the dirt and dust and grime that collects in the house. After a couple of botched attempts at DIY seasonal cleaning I decided to hire CanonburyCarpetCleaners for the task. Over the course of half a day the professional cleaners transformed my entire house, right from the attic to the basement. With the right kind of pricing, cleaning services a couple of times a year can really help organise the house. Definitely recommended.
     CanonburyCarpetCleaners's website promised a cheap, but effective cleaning service, and judging by the other reviews I have read, they made a really good case for themselves. At the end of the day, they offered some of the best cleaning services I've ever worked with - they cleaned the spooks out of the corners with no problems what so ever. In fact, I would say they outshone the other cleaning companies I've tried by a long way! My home looks fantastic now, and I could not be happier as a result! Keep doing what you're doing, everything's been going great!
Victor T.29/08/2014
     I've never used a cleaning company before but my carpets were an absolute mess. A friend told me about CanonburyCarpetCleaners and their carpet cleaning service which had worked wonders for her. I have to say that I've been thoroughly impressed with all of the staff and their cleaning skills. My cleaner was really friendly and even the staff on the phone were helpful and attentive. They really listened to my needs and were able to deliver an excellent quality of service that I really wasn't expecting. This is a miracle solution if you have unclean carpets and they're very affordable as well!
Ellie H.08/07/2014

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